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        Read Insider Admissions Tips From Our Admissions Experts

        How to Get Into NYU

        March 5, 2020

        You might always have wanted to attend the Tisch School of Arts as an aspiring dancer. Or, you might have become interested in the Stern School of Business recently when your commitment to entrepreneurism developed. Regardless of how long it has been one of your top choices

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        A Guide to the Best Liberal Arts Colleges for STEM Students

        March 4, 2020

        As a STEM student, building the perfect school list can be an overwhelming process. You surely have heard lots of good things about the resources at MIT, CalTech, and Georgia Tech, but you may also be on the lookout for smaller colleges that offer more opportunities catered

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        How to Get Into Notre Dame: A Comprehensive Guide

        March 3, 2020

        If you’re looking for a prestigious college located in the Midwest, you should have your eyes on the University of Notre Dame. Your interest might stem from the possibility of attending a strong undergraduate business school in the form of The Mendoza College. Or you could be drawn in by the fact that 80% of pre-med graduates at Notre Dame get into medical school

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        The Application Persona: 8 Examples and How They Are Effective

        March 2, 2020

        You may have heard that it’s better to be angular rather than well-rounded when building your profile for your college applications. This generally means that it’s more strategic to have a few key areas of focus for

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        Preparing for Medical School: What You Need to Apply

        March 2, 2020

        So, you want to go to medical school. Whether you’ve just arrived on your undergraduate campus as a freshman or it’s mid-senior year when you decide you want to take the plunge - you need a plan. It is definitely never too early, nor too late, to decide where to go from here and get yourself organized. But how do you decide what you need?

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        Foreign Language Requirements: Do They Matter for College Applications?

        February 28, 2020

        When the time comes for course selection in high school, you have to choose carefully. Almost every college expects you to have taken four years of English, math, science, and at least two years of history classes. Along with these requirements, top schools also often ask that you pursue a language

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        How to Write a Brag Sheet for Parents and Students

        February 28, 2020

        As you start working on your college applications, you’ll learn that letters of recommendation from your counselor make up an important component of the process to distinguish you from your classmates. When you attend a big high school and your counselor has to write them for nearly

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        Should I Go to Law School? 50 Questions to Ask Yourself

        February 26, 2020

        As you try to figure out where your next steps lie, one of the options in front of you is the question of “should I go to law school?” Making a call that not only shapes the next few years but the rest of your career isn’t an easy task by any means. You need to think about whether

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        How to Launch a Podcast

        February 25, 2020

        “Hey, let’s start a podcast!” is this generation’s version of “We should start a band,” and it’s easy to see why. Unlike getting a TV show on air or a book on the shelves, podcasts offer an extremely low barrier to

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        How to Get Into USC

        February 24, 2020

        Whether you’re an aspiring actor, dancer, filmmaker, or screenwriter, the University of Southern California has a specialized undergraduate college for you. Regardless of where your interests lie

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